In Control

As I took a walk with my family (k-9 included) last night, I reflected on four incredibly debilitating feelings that used to consume quite a bit of my time and energy—fear, anxiety, depression and stress. And though they rear their dreadful presence from time to time, I’ve found a way to keep them at bay for the most part. I credit three daily practices. If I’ve successfully completed these three rituals, I am in full control of my mind, body, spirit, happiness and confidence.

MEDITATE | we’ve all heard about the positive effects of meditation on negative emotions by now. But for me specifically, when I’m battling stress, fear and especially depression, two practices put me back in the driver's seat.

            + cutting strings | I imagine all the unwanted energy that is weighing me down and picture strings attached to each of those components (people, place, circumstances, or energy) and I cut it.

            + fill my body with light | I imagine a large vacuum attached to my crown chakra sucking out every bit of dense and dark energy in my body. Once it has completely left my body, I then begin to fill my crown chakra with pure white liquid and let it slowly run down my body until it has reached every last nook and cranny.

EXERCISE  | though the positive prescription of 30 minutes of exercise to combat low vibes is incredibly well known, it is so unbelievably important for keeping my dopamine levels high and mind alert. Not to mention its wonderful oxygenating and sleep regulating qualities. This is an absolute MUST when I’m on the stress rollercoaster.

DIET | if I find my mind racing before bed with anxiety or midday mood crashes, I can always track it back to having consumed refined sugar, processed foods or caffeine that day. ALWAYS. Refined sugar being my absolute worst nemesis. This portion, for me, is the dominant control of my mind and moods. If I’m eating a medicinal, organic, balanced diet, I usually never have to worry about the setbacks of fear, stress, anxiety or depression.

FAVORITE DAILY SUPERFOOD + HERABAL SUPPORT | cultured vegetables | ashwagandha | rhodiola | fermented cod liver oil | coconut kefir

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