Elderberry Wine | French Farmhouse Dinner

This Friday has me reminiscing about the stunning communal dinner we enjoyed in France gathering with strangers—who quickly became friends—at a magical farmhouse bed & breakfast, Kerlilou.

Amongst divine food, we enjoyed a house Elderberry Wine. Incredibly easy to craft, Kerlilou owner, Pascaline shares her recipe with us NATIVE folk.


makes one liter of white wine—fruity but not sweet.

Fistful of Elderberry flowers | make sure they are in full bloom & without stems

1/4 liter spirit or wine of choice

¾ c of unrefined sweetner of choice

 PROCESS | leave the flowers to wilt a day or two, remove green stems before putting them to macerate in the wine, alcohol and sugar. The Elderberry wine would be ideal for Christmas as the more it ages, the better it is.

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