Gratitude Journal

“Resonating gratitude through your entire being is the vibration that calibrates your being to prosperity.”

At a time when I was pretty lacking and quite broke, I thought I’d give this a try. Vibrating in gratitude. I found the most effective way to stay in this vibe was physically writing what I was grateful for down. I started with very heady and p.c. gratefulness—my health, life, love. And though those are certainly a part of my daily list, I really started to see a shift when I got more specific—this check, my dog licking my face today, the sun giving me warmth and the ocean water loading me with minerals.

Living in the vibration of gratitude brings in the most unimaginable miracles. Daily, I wake up and list five things I’m grateful for. When I notice my vibe dropping midday due to some negative thought pattern, I stop the thoughts and mentally take note of five things I’m grateful for in that moment. And in the evening, before bed (a time when your consciousness is much more connected to a higher source), I then list five more things I’m grateful for.

This, like jumping for joy, brings in pure abundance and magical miracles. I can’t even begin to describe. Give it a try. Get personal—even if the things seem superficial, they aren’t to you. Personal resonation really locks you into that gratitude vibration and attracts more of the things you are grateful for.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips