Sage Perfume Oils

As of late, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about what fragrances I use, as it can be incredibly hard to find pure perfume that also smells divine. I’ve searched high and low, and trust me they have always been a bit off.

Last week I was introduced to Sage Perfume Oils. Composed of the most pure essential and fragrance oils—sans any alcohol or water—and created to replicate the smell a precious stone would emulate. Once I opened their little Japanese printed boxes, resembling vintage textiles, I took one whiff and thought, “Oh, wholly wow—at last!”

Incredibly rich, luxurious, warm and light, with the hint of subtle notes, I’ve added Diamond—soft and fresh with the perfect pop of sandalwood, ocean musk and amber—to my daytime routine. As well as my ABSOLUTEL favorite, Onyx—warm and sexy with luxurious notes of coconut, vanilla and tobacco—as my evening scent. 

Sage, LA's best kept secret with regulars such as Julia Roberts, Madonna, and Kate Hudson (where have I been?) has given all of us super-pure-product seekers something to finally write home about! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips