Jumping For Joy

If I could impart one daily habit on every being I know, it would be the common practice of JUMPING FOR JOY.

You totally read it correctly!

I started this practice around the time I started meditating which was eons ago. And though it will somehow slip away from me every now and then, I’ll realize some really miraculous magic hasn’t seeped into my life lately and it will dawn on me, ‘I haven’t been jumping for joy.’

This single one habit has brought so many mysteriously abundant, kismet people, opportunities, love, money and all around fortune in my direction. And I choose to do it upon waking, right after body brushing so it is part of my grooming regime. I find doing it that early in the morning locks me into an ironclad positive vibration.

PROCESS | anywhere you are standing at any point of the day, put a smile on your face, reach your hands high into the air and jump for joy for 30 seconds. Amplify the experience by thanking the cosmos for all the wonder + merriment in your life and the ones soon to come. Mine is absurd and usually loops something like, “thank you universe for my health, organic food, Ryan’s endless love and support, this sunny day, a million dollars, ice cream, the ocean—what-have-you.” Start jumping and watch some manifestations transpire! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips