Sun Protection | Fall Hat

Just because we are sweeping summer out, doesn’t mean the sun goes away—especially in LA. As a naturally fair person, I try to avoid sun damage during the more potent sun hours. The three most important anti-aging, sun damage combating regimes I incorporate into my life are:

WIDE BRIM HATS | I wear these year around. Come hell or high water. Fall and winter consist of felt hats. This fall will be the likes of Janessa Leone’s Savoy wool felt hat with a hand stitched gold plated wire.

RAW CACAO | for its potent antioxidant free radical sun damage fighting properties. I love the rich flavor and high quality of Sun Potion's.

UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER | with a natural UV protection of spf 6 and its richness in vitamins A, E and F which sooth, rejuvenate, reduce inflammation and hydrate while vitamin F contains essential fatty acids that help protect and revitalized damaged skin. On my body, I use Sun Potion's Shea Butter

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