Guru Jagat

G | Growing up in a post hippy Judeo-Christian-pseudo-commune lifestyle was obviously a powerful foundation for all of my spiritual practices because of the daily value on prayer and meditation and closeness to community- the focus on what’s really important in life. It was also a wonderful training ground for what has become my favorite theme at RAMA- the new age 3 –ring circus of different types of people from all different walks of life and all different crossroads of ideas and new awareness.  One of my favorite things about RAMA is the constructed culture created through our spiritual community.

Obviously growing up in a community where prayer was more important than TV has translated into my lifestyle now. My daily lifestyle is constructed around my own spiritual practice in order to hold space for others spiritual growth.

My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, talks about security being one of the most powerful beauty secrets for women and men alike. In my own experience my yogic practice has again and again surprised me- when you clean up your inner terrain, your external environments start to take on a new level of purity and space-everything looks fresher and younger.  This is a reality I experience on a daily basis.

Kundalini yoga & meditation is a householder practice and one of the fundamental pieces of it is that we are not sadhus meditating in caves. We are actual highly functional participants in every level of society. That spans from being prosperous entrepreneurs and conscious bosses to creative employees and engaged parents, you name it.

Femininity is a huge part of the shifting of the Aquarian age. As women, we are rebalancing the polarities of the sexes. What’s happening on the planet is women are being asked to take on new leadership roles.  Roles different from those in the post-feminist era, like taking on roles of men in offices or their bosses. Now it’s women in leadership roles utilizing the tools of intuition and the power of love and their hearts. Generosity. The power of acting out of prosperity rather that scarcity.

Beauty regimen- my beauty, food & spiritual regimen are all one! All inclusive and nutritious:

Dry brush

Shea butter

Cold showers


Pre 10am sun

What led me on this path was a deep thirst for living awake and making my life about more than my own neurosis and personal preferences.

This age is what I call the age of jiffy pop, that each time one person decides in a moment of challenge or in any moment that they are going to turn towards and enlargement of consciousness or awareness of all sentient beings instead of just being caught up with a constant state of compulsivity and fears and things that they are unwilling to let go of. When one person decides to expand him or herself at that moment and choose a higher thought form or behavior, that small choice, in that moment, everyone is uplifted and elevated by that one person’s single momentary choice.  If we even understood or embodied a glimpse of this ultimate truth we could save the world from its apparent demise.  This is one of the ways that one person can change the world. 

Photographed by Jamie Arrigo at RA MA Institute in Venice, CA

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