Free and Native Whites

HASAMI PORCELAIN STEAMER | for all the soaked rice, vegetables, and dumplings I’m inspired to start making.

CHARCOAL TOOTHBRUSH | because of our small obsession with toothbrushes and charcoal.  Also to radiate negative ions, whiten teeth, and remove plaque—while being chic.

RGB WHITE NAIL POLISH | because I hesitated on wearing it for NYE and have thought about it ever since.  No regrets, right?

YOU AS ME SWEATSHIRT DRESS | well nothing has ever seemed more me (and cozy).

SAINT JAMES STRIPED TEE FOR J CREW | because all the authentic ones I tried on in Brittany this summer didn’t fit my body quite right.  This collab looks more forgiving.

GROWN ALCHEMIST AGE-REPAIR | an advanced moisturizer formulated with bio-active phyto-peptides. Yes please.

CLASSIC WHITE LEATHER VANS | for all slip-on purposes. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips