Holistic Sleep Aids, Remedies

BANANA | sometimes—especially mid-sleep wakeups—the simplicity of eating half of a banana will fill my belly and relax me right back into a peaceful and calm sleep due to their generous amounts of magnesium, potassium, and tryptophan content.  This is a relaxing blend with tryptophan converting into serotonin and melatonin (the brain’s key calming hormones). 

MAGNESIUM OIL | generous sprays of this all over the body are wonderful at relaxing my brain, muscles and nervous system to have a calm and fair shot at a deep-night’s-sleep.  And most of us are quite deficient in magnesium, so it's a wonderful double whammy.  After getting over the initial—and sometimes irritating—tingling sensation, of course.

ASHWAGANDAHA | if my anxiety is just a calm, continuous buzz, then I’ll turn to ashwaghandha for it quells anxious thoughts and allows the mind to become calm. These anxiolytic effects are achieved by activating intense signaling via GABA receptors.  It simultaneously provides a slew of other benefits.

WARM RAW MILK | another tool if it’s not so much anxiety, it’s “I just can’t get to sleep,” then I’ll gently warm up a glass of raw milk for its high tryptophan and calcium content to reduce stress and stabilize the nerve fibers in the brain.

GABA | my absolute favorite arsenal.  I used to take this neurotransmitter supplement a couple of years ago for any anxiety that would pop up here and there.  And then Dr. Patti Kim reintroduced me to it before the holidays, for I was busy and had quite a bit of stress going through my body at all times.  2 x 500mg of these puppies and you feel exactly like you do on Xanax.  AMAZING & relaxed, while happily drifting into a deep, magical sleep (without all the dreadful side effects of allopathic drugs).

SLEEP TONIC | if the perfect storm has erupted, then I’ll go full force with a gently warmed tonic that consists of raw milk, oats, ashwagandha and stevia (blended for 30 seconds), with the support of two GABAs.

CASHMERE EYE MASK | and I never go a night, or travel without an eye mask so as to keep any electronic lights out of my vision that might disrupt my full sleep cycles. 

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