Men's Grooming Regime

Ryan Snow Grooming Regime Free Native

Men are certainly a breed that zone-out when you bring up natural skincare.  As loyal and steady consumers, my partner Ryan was perfectly happy using the Old Spice deodorant that he was introduced to in Jr. high School—along with his other toxic relics.  Once I really shifted my grooming regime to super, clean and pure staples, he slowly started getting curious.  Upon trying these quality products that proved great results, and my pointing out the toxicities and side effects (allergies, organ system toxicity, hormone disrupters, irritants; etc) of his old ones, he was so grateful to shift himself.  Here is Ryan’s grooming regimen for men that are still a bit apprehensive:

JIVA-APOHA THUNDERBIRD | this serves as Ryan’s daily body moisturizer as well as cologne—he especially loves the pine scent.  “It feels moisturizing but not greasy.”

DR BRONNER'S ALMOND | as his daily soap.  “Fine mild soap without the intense scent and skin agitation.”

FIG + YARROW HAIR SCALP | because he’s prone to a flaky scalp, this serves as extra moisture and support to keep that at bay. 

PORTLAND GENERAL STORE THICK SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER | he was so happy to stumble upon these two products.  “They have a refreshing and awakening smell in the mornings—without the feminine feel.”

FIG + YARROW UNDERARM LOTION | he prefers this as his daily deodorant to my Soapwalla.  “It’s easy and clean to apply while absorbing fast so that it doesn’t feel like you have a deodorant film.  It also works really well.”

JIVA-APOHA SUNDARA | his daily facial moisturizer.  “This product is very special.  Makes my face feel moisturized and nourished with a really therapeutic scent.  It’s also small and great to travel with.”

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