Rainy Tea Day

As rain is so far and few between in L.A—especially these past few years—when possible, I drop everything from my schedule to really relish in all the rejuvenation of spirit and creativity that rain so cleanly inspires.   Here is how I plan to spend this rainy Monday.

EQUIPMENT STRIPED SILK PAJAMAS | if I had these, I wouldn’t get out of them all day—or potentially ever?

TEA DROPS | because these magically shaped organic teas are made of the most wonderful blends of herbs and spices while requiring zero steeping.  Just add hot water and have the perfect cup of tea.  Newest obsession.

JAPANESE PORCELAIN TEA POT | something delicate to hold my hot water in of course.

THE WAY OF AYURVEDIC HERBS | because I need all the study time I can possibly get.  And what better of a day?

CARROT GINGERBREAD & PROBIOTIC CREAM CHEESE ICING | because I can’t think of anything tastier to accompany my tea than this raw, gut bacteria balancing treat.

ZENBUNNI MOON JUICE BAR | except for this chocolate masterpiece…

METTA BODY CREAM | to keep my dry spots nourished and soft!  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips