COOKBOOKS | coming in 2015


Now that we can see the second month of 2015 on the horizon, it’s safe to say that we’ve arrived and feel comfortable in this New Year.  Which opens way to get super excited about the release of some much-anticipated cookbooks.  Pre-order vibes: 

FOOD52 GENIUS RECIPES | because this is hands-down one of my favorite blogs.  And one that inspires the dishes I make, and my kitchenware beyond any other.

MY NEW ROOTS | because a year before starting this journal, I’d swoon over this Copenhagen (by way of Canada) plant-based Queen’s blog recipes, and every single word, until getting the confidence to pen my own journey.

THE NOURISHING TRADITIONS COOKBOOK FOR CHILDREN | because I’m simply in love with Sally Fallon and everything she creates.  

FEASTS AND FASTS | because I’m on the craziest traditional Indian and Chinese cuisine bender—in my kitchen, due to my herbal studies—and I dream of taking it to the furthest degree.

BOWL + SPOON | because I absolutely adored their first cookbook, and I love anything in a bowl EVEN more.

A KITCHEN IN FRANCE : A YEAR OF COOKING IN MY FARMHOUSE | it’s all in the title.  Enough said.

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