Skin Icing | Ancient Beauty Lore

Skin icing and wintertime glow go hand-in-hand.  Have you ever noticed how taught and even your skin looks after a brisk walk in the cold, or after washing your face with ice cold water?  It looks incredible, and makes for the perfect morning spa, and face primer.  This ancient beauty lore has been widely practiced in Russia, Korea, Iran and India for years.  With good reason, for Kate Moss just admitted that she does this daily.  Take a note from the Norwegians and their beautiful skin when considering this wonderful self-pampering tip. 

PROCESS | in the morning, cleanse your face per usual.  Wrap one to two ice cubes in a soft washcloth.  Once cloth is wet and ice begins to melt, apply to the face.  Avoid applying frozen cube (without washcloth) directly to the face as it can break the capillaries under the skin.  Hold ice cube in washcloth on different areas of the face for one to two minutes, or intuitively the length that feels right to you.  Then move the ice cube(s) gently with circular movements up along the chin and jaw line, up the cheeks, along the forehead and along the nose.  Note that you can gently softly under eyes for a longer period of time.  Then go about your daily facial regime per usual.

BENEFITS | improves circulation by constricting the blood vessels so that the body can gradually send warm blood back to the surface | reduces inflammation and swelling | constricts the pores | relief for puffy eyes

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