Sugar Detox

SUGAR DETOX.  Let’s talk about it.  This could be the most cellular, mind-altering substance one can detox from their life.  Even if just for a bit.  Through the years, I’ve undergone many sugar detoxes.  They started more casually.  Ditching any type of refined sugar.  To ditching high-glycemic sugars.  To ditching foods that were sugary and fed bad bacteria in the body.  As one who’s has an incredibly addictive personality when it comes to sugar, I’ve really undergone some wonderful detoxification with this one substance.

The list of why—especially refined—sugar is dreadful for you is a very long and extensive one.  Some of the bolder highlighted bummers are:  liver taxing, fat causing, acne feeding, bad bacteria feeding, depressants, stimulates anxiety, disrupts sleep patters, highly addictive, cholesterol raising, immune suppressing, mineral disrupting, and causes premature aging—to name a few. 

There are a couple of ways to go about detoxing sugar and giving your body some time to naturally cleanse your liver and find balance: 

STRICT | one that has experience in sugar detoxing, and a good amount of self-control can fully avoid sugary substances even down to fructose (fruit) by simply satisfying a sweet tooth with only stevia, green apples, and grapefruit.  I find this to be an incredibly rewarding cleanse.  More rewarding than any other (dairy, animal, alcohol).  You’ll find a ton of literature that suggests that removing dairy from the diet or meat or consuming those substances are bad for you based your nutritional method of interest.  But never in the history of health will you find any literature that suggests removing sugar from your diet is bad for you.  Nowhere. 

Be sure to use your intuition if this is the right cleanse for you as you’ll experience die-off symptoms such as mood swings, sugar withdrawals, and potentially body aches.  Make sure to be extra gentle on yourself during this cleanse.  Give yourself a lot of time to rest and go through your emotions.  It’s important to body brush during this time as well and consider a colonic, enemas, or saunas.  Not fully necessary but will deepen the cleanse and help to keep side effects to a minimum.   

MEDIUM | refraining from all refined sugars and high-glycemic sugars is a level right below strict.  This still gives the body a wonderful break and great results will be reaped from it.  You’ll notice it in your skin, energy and waistline in no time at all.  You’ll also experience clarity of mind.  Some low-glycemic options are:  coconut palm sugar, lucuma, yacon syrup, raw coconut syrup, and mesquite powder.  All incredibly nutritious, vitamin and mineral rich! 

MILD | refraining from any refined sugar would be for the mild of heart.  That is any sugar not in its natural state.  I.e. has had its nutrients stripped from it (minerals).  Most contemporary processed foods and baked goods will have been made with this type of sugar.  White and brown being the largest culprits.  Some wonderful non-refined sugar options are:  molasses, raw local honey, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, raw coconut syrup, and raw sugarcane. 

Any one of these cleanses will offer wonderful results.  The length of time you’d like to cleanse is a self-choice and intuitive one. My cleanses vary in length based on what is going on in my body.  If I feel I need to balance my gut bacteria, I’ll do a strict cleanse for a lengthy time while incorporating more fermented foods into my diet.  If I’ve been indulging more than I’d like, I’ll go for a medium cleanse.  And I always try to live by the mild cleanse.  Refined sugars are truly a thing of the past for me.  I have little slips here and there during the holidays but my overall lifestyle said goodbye to them years ago.  

BENEFITS OF SUGAR CLEANSING | clear skin | lose weight | clarity of mind | balance gut bacteria levels | lessen allergies | deeper sleep | reducing depression and anxiety | removing cravings for carbohydrate and processed foods | better assimilation and absorption of food | less mood swing

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