The Hermit


The last three times I've pulled my tarot cards, The Hermit has showed up front-and-center.  It's no coincidence that this cards keeps presenting itself during the change of season, and just as my body feels the need to lightly cleanse.  When all the signs are pointing to "pulling energy in", one must listen. 

Here is how I'll be slowing down, gently cleansing, and tuning into deeper wisdom: 

SMOKEY QUARTZ | last Saturday, my stunning friend Dana of GEM + REMEDY gifted me this beautiful crystal.  As soon as I put it in my hand, all my energy sunk to the ground and I felt incredibly grounded.  I've been working with it ever since to really plant myself. 

TRIPHALA | as I steer clear of raw dairy, natural & refined sugars, and gluten for the next little bit, this potent herb will find its way into my teas and tonics daily for extra gentle cleansing and rebuilding. 

RITUAL INCENSE & BRASS HOLDER | I've been burning Trade Yoke's Ritual incense daily, and I can feel a powerful shift in energy as soon as the smoke wafts my way. 

YLANG YLANG | this essential oil will find itself in my Ancient Mineral Flake baths due to its sedative, anti-stress, aphrodisiac, and antidepressant qualities.  Also to deepen my detoxification. 

RAINBOW CRISPS | anytime I'm on a gentle cleanse that focuses on liver detoxification, these are my favorite go-to snacks as they are packed with nourishment and natural liver cleansing (beets), and toning (turmeric) properties.  They also taste divine. 

OLDERBROTHER | um... can we all take a moment to talk about this incredibly conscious clothing line?  Based out of Portland, but sewn and naturally hand-dyed in Los Angeles where each textile is comprised of small-batch organics or renewable plant-based synthetics, and the natural dye is free of heavy metals and toxins!  They are making all my androgynous, chic dreams come true.  All my "basics" prayers have been answered, for I'll be living in the OB Crew this fall. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips