There was a time when my adrenal fatigue had reached their ultimate burnout.  And at their worst of worst, I developed the most intense case of eczema imaginable on my legs.  To the point where I was mortified to wear shorts, and my biggest concern was scaring.  It wasn’t until I implemented Woman Code, and a very specific mineral rich herbal infusion recipe that my skin completely cleared. 

During that time, itchy to the point of pain and inflammation that was frightening, I would have killed for a product like Skinfix Eczema Lotion.  Formulated in 1850 by a chemist - when ingredients where in their most natural state - Skinfix was born.  It is comprised of vitamins, minerals, oils, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and a formula that does NOT include fragrance, irritants, or steroids/hydro-cortisone (like most conventional topical solutions to skin issues).  It’s also worth noting that they are cruelty free!

What a Godsend it would have been to have known of an eczema potion made up of 1% colloidal oatmeal (to relieve itching), vitamin e, coconut, jojoba and apricot kernal oil (to hydrate and nourish the skin on the outside).  So for all of you that suffer from eczema and are constantly trying new topical products to help relieve some of the irritation and dryness, Skinfix Eczema Lotion and Balm may be worth exploring next.

Not only am I a fan of their eczema line, but I’m also into their Daily Lotion as well.  Comprised of sunflower, jojoba, grape seed, calendula and chamoile extracts, this is the perfect lotion to see us into the winter (and all the dryness it brings).  As one with INCREDIBLY dry skin, I found it to be lightweight but deeply hydrating! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips