Kor Shots

A week ago, I noticed that my body was very much in need of a small liver detox.  I felt that hormones were getting stuck and not fully detoxified, and I noticed my energy levels dropping.  So I decided to cut out raw dairy, high-glycemic sugars, and gluten for a bit.  To deepen my detoxification, I knew that I wanted multiple shots of turmeric throughout the day to tone my liver, as well as some ginger immunity boosting. 

Enter KOR Shots.  A company out of Malibu, CA that specializes in these exact two types of shots.  With the Vitality Turmeric Shot comprised of: organic turmeric roots freshly harvested in Kauai, organic lemon harvested in Malibu.  And the Wellness Ginger Shot comprised of:  organic ginger, organic lemon harvested in Malibu, organic cayenne pepper, and organic fresh Thai young coconut.

I could live on the Vitality Turmeric Shot.  Within two days, I noticed my skin-tone evening out and my eyes brightening.  As for the Wellness Ginger Shot, with its true spicy punch, this little force left me feeling energized and up for anything.  One hit and you’re ready to get stuff done.

My favorite aspect about these shots is that they are available at each of my local health food stores, so I can pick them up on the fly anytime I’m out and about.  If you’re looking for an internal facial in the form of a 2oz shot, pick up a box of Vitality.  If you’re looking to keep all cold and flu symptoms at bay this season, pick up a box of Wellness.  Or a mixed box, and consider yourself powerful and stunning. 

KOR shots

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