Creating Sacred Space

free-and-native-polaroid-candel-Lacy Phillips

It is quite important that I have little pockets of sacred spots around my space.  One would call these altars.  I find that term to be a little rigid for what these pockets feel like to me - even though they fall into that definition.  From my bathroom, to my desk, to this little spot pictured, I keep treasured items, scents, spiritual keepsakes, and smudging tools to elicit certain intentions that I'm personally setting. 

I'm here to free the average person that feels intimidated by an altar adorned with deities, yogis, sages, and Mala beads.  I'm here to grant you permission that absolutely anything in your sacred little pockets are 100% perfect as long as they speak to you, your intention, and the energetic flow you are seeking.  I'm here to accept that your spirituality - like mine - may be greater than beating to one drum, and may be a collection of philosophies that speak directly to you because you've spent countless hours philosophizing them yourself. 

So here's to creating your very own little pockets of sacred spaces that keep you grounded, on track, in pursuit, and rooted in exactly what you are seeking.  Spaces to meditate, to soak, to simmer, to pass, to work, to grow, and to sit.  A few musings that may inspire the curator and sage inside of you:


WISDOM | a few words of wisdom, intentions, or mantras to root the energy and focus of that space. 

BOOK | a book with these words of wisdom so that you can absorb a little each day.

PHOTOS | manifestations to family photos.  As long as they represent the energy of your intention, process, transition, or realization of your best self.

FRESH FLOWERS | one of the most important flows of chi in Feng Shui.  I also strongly use the colors to boost certain chakras that need strengthening or reducing.

SCENTS & SMUDGE | in every corner of my space, you'll find essential oils, sweetgrass, incense, sage, palo santo, to Indian tobacco.  Each offering, scent, and smudge elicits different clarity, intention, and vibrations.  Find a guide here and here.

EARTHY ELEMENTS & MINERALS | anchoring forces with specific energies from the earth are wonderful ways to drive energy and intentions deeper. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips