Last week, before a lunch in Venice, I popped by Meredith Baird's abode where she gifted me my very own Jun Scoby from her over surplus and bountiful mother.  The scoby, in it's cozy little bag surrounded by a bit of Jun, rode with me all the way back to Echo Park, where I have now made my first very own batch.  

This honey, green-tea based Kombucha is a quick ferment, and forgiving when it ferments too long.  Did I also mention that - unlike sugar fermented Kombucha - Jun keeps the medicinal properties of honey (while also producing loads of good bacteria)? 

For Meredith's Full download on your new favorite fermented drink, along with very easy instructions to making your own Jun, head over to Poppy and Seed's full article here.  Life-changed. 

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