Weleda Lip Balm

For years I've used EOS Lip Balms due to convenience (they are everywhere), and their funky shape.  Finally a few days ago, I found myself fully out of all my colorful EOS Easter Egg-esque balls (hiding in every corner), so I was delighted to try Weleda's.  

Having bought my very first Weleda product (rose facial lotion) at 22 - in Amsterdam while traveling Europe - I've always loved this company's pure and nourishing goods.  With the active ingredients of:  Jojoba, beeswax, shea butter, candlelit wax, rose and vanilla, I thought I'd give it a go.  It's identical in texture/moisture to EOS - but with the tiniest hint of feminine rose. 

Sold.  In love.  Now there will be one sitting in every purse/car/bedside/you get the point! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips