This year will potentially be the first where I visit both my family, and then pop into a Friendsgiving.  Here are a few staples that one can keep in mind while rounding out their Friendsgiving experience. 

NOPI | Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully's new cookbook serves as the perfect gift for your host. 

CHESTNUTS | another way to shower natural abundance on your host.  Who doesn't want bowls full of beautiful chestnuts this season? 

BITTERS | stashed in my purse to spritz in my aperitif for optimal digestion. 

ACNE TOP | a perfect loose fitting shirt that will disguise the copious amounts of food I'll be consuming. 

PANTALON | drawstring pants for sentiment above. 

OXFORDS | for chic androgynous comfort. 

W3LL PEOPLE MULTISTICK | for the perfect fall rouge. 

SAGE ONYX PERFUME OIL | because it's my signature scent, and everyone constantly asks me what I'm wearing while I'm about. 

CLYDE ANGORA GAUCHO | for a classy androgynous accessory. 

TRUE | this chic alternative to Egyptian Magic is the perfect purse accessory to use once you've offered to help knock out most of the dishes.  The ultimate "use-for-everything" tool.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips