Non-Boozy Holiday Alternatives


Drinking has nearly become a thing of the past for me.  On holidays, I do cherish that token glass of nice champagne.  However, more than one can leave me (and my adrenals) hyper funky for a couple of days to come.  So here is my list of go-to drinks during holiday gatherings that still feel fun and have potent properties!

KOMBUCHA | my go-to for that same bubbly effect and the wonderful probiotics.

TEA INFUSION | I like to customize specific formulas for the group.  Such as heart opening and psychic opening herbs like (Gotu Kola, lovage, and rose) so we can all vibe at a much higher level.

DASH OF ELDERBERRY | if I’m rolling with sparkling water, I throw a few dashes of elderberry into it for flavor, color, and immunity.

JUICE | sometimes I’ll pop over to Moon Juice before the gathering for an alkalizing treat.

REISHI HOT COCO | a super mellow reishi coco mix for mild liver cleansing and really grounded vibes. 

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