Autonomous Woman


It's taken me thirty years to define my solid personal code.  And though it is ever changing and ever expanding, the most important aspect is that it exists.  I highly recommend crafting yours, putting it where you can see it daily, and reading it silently, aloud, however you'd like - every single day.  This one rests front and center above my desk.  Write your code.  Stand in your truth and honor yourself.  When you get off track, forgive yourself, reread it, and keep on evolving. 


I am an autonomous woman.

Never will I look to a man to solve or fill my financial, emotional, or psychological voids.  Nor to validate my confidence.  For all voids, I myself seek, accept, and receive from The Source Energy (and myself).

I am confident in my body to which I feed the highest vibrational foods, and move it daily.

I am confident in my mind to which I fill with my highest interest, expansion, and learning.

I am confident in my spirit to which I feed with spiritual growth, travel, culture, art, and food.

I am evolving in my consciousness to which I live in my highest form daily by seeking love and compassion in everything, equal to everyone, and the commitment to empower those around me.

I NEVER give myself away because I am not something to be given.

Mystery is always alive because “my thoughts” are all mine.  And the true mystery lies in my constant change and evolution.

Fears, insecurities, activated feelings, and hard shifts are to be worked through in meditation or with a wise being.

As a physical being, ANYTHING I desire or need The Source Energy will provide.  

I am 100% responsible for my life as it is.  In order to reach my highest goals, I remove all distractions and negativity to focus on the exact life I want and will have.

The Source Energy is my benefactor, my mother, my father, my good time, my therapist, my bank, my true being, my lover, my husband, my anything.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips