Quickly Activating Your Radiance | by Desiree Pais


When I first started practicing Kundalini Yoga, it was not to be happier, or more spiritual, or feel better. In all vulnerable honesty, I started practicing because the women I knew who practiced - Taylor Eyewalker, Guru Jagat, Amanda Bacon, Shiva Rose, and a few others were so beautiful and radiant, and I wanted to drink some of that juice. My journey with acne led me there, tired of feeling dirty, ugly, and depressed about my skin. It had been way too long since I had felt beautiful.

As I started practicing, something began to shift. In a few weeks, I began to feel more confident. That was the first, the confidence to show up in the world instead of hiding. And then slowly came the return to feeling beautiful, to accepting myself, and to experiencing my radiance shining from within to out.

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, gave us many tools to deal with the pressures of life. One of the major challenges that women face these days is feeling good enough, beautiful enough, and radiant. I started getting into the women's teachings he taught and learning the tools to bring those qualities back into my life, to initiate them within to light up my world around me.

The Radiant Body, the 10th body, resides on top of the Aura as if the Aura has been dipped in gold. It's what makes us absolutely magnetic. A strong radiant body will make you graceful and courageous. It's as if there is a beautiful light around you. It's undeniable when your Radiant Body is strong and your presence becomes absolutely beautiful.

Here are a few ways to activate the Radiant Body if you don't have time to attend a full Kundalini Class:

WEARING WHITE • White activates the Radiant Body and extends the Aura at least a foot (and up to three feet). Wearing white often will strengthen the radiant body. Try it out! See how different you feel when you wear white for as many days in a row as you can.

GOLD JEWELRY • Kundalini Yoga is a royal lineage, the Raj Yoga. When we use physical objects to get us into a sacred space, we activate parts of ourselves that may otherwise be dormant. Wearing beautiful gold jewelry will help you feel more radiant and Royal. I love to wear gold necklaces, delicate rings, and beautiful earrings.

AJAI ALAI MANTRA • my favorite version is Ajeet Kaur's. It's so beautiful and powerfully strengthens the Radiant Body. When I am feeling self-conscious or insecure about anything, I play this 24/7!

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