Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate

As we head into a potentially indulging weekend, here are five reasons why Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate is going to be your new favorite medicinal treat. 

RAW | completely raw with the highest quality heirloom cacao.

SUPER HERBS | there are three chocolate varieties:  Beauty, Energy, and Tranquility.  Each use potent herbs to reach those internal/external states of being.  From pearl to ashwagandha, these are potent treats. 

SUGAR FREE | only sweetened with non-bitter stevia and birch xylitol, so it does not feed bad bacteria nor does it spike your blood sugar levels.

FREE | gmo-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free.

COUPLE | they are completely handmade by two very inspiring souls that also double as a couple. Sage (herbalist) and AnnaBlanca (holistic activist) started this company out of love, passion, and the pursuit of offering the highest quality treats and medicine to the world. 


SUPPORT | if you believe in the expansion of medicinal grade A food that inspires a society full of productivity, confidence, health, compassion, and connection, then I implore everyone to check out the Addictive Kickstarter campaign, and be an active shift in the health of our world and humanity.  

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