Olderbrother.  Get to know the name as I don't think I've ever been this excited about introducing a brand.  Why?  I've boiled down my reasoning to a very simple four.  Until this moment, I've yet to find a completely eco-line that is upscale, well-branded, chic, with incredible design.  And such is something I've been in pursuit of for quite some time.  Not only are these pieces 100% safe, non-toxic, non-endocrine disrupting, and environmentally conscious, but they are gender neutral and effortlessly stunning.  A few noteworthy reasons why you will see me living in this (Portland born) line of clothing that represents a playful sense of androgyny and sustainability:

ANDROGYNOUS | they make universal garments, tailored to fit men, women and those in-between equally.  No gender, gender-neutral, unisex.  They make clothes for people.

MADE IN LA | their garments are cut, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles. 

NATURALLY HAND DYED | each naturally hand-dyed garment is subtly unique and completely free of heavy metals, salts, and toxins. 

ORGANIC & RENEWABLE | they work exclusively with textiles that range from small batch organics to renewable plant-based synthetics. They carefully select their textiles based on quality, environmental impact, and social responsibility.

WABI-SABI | grounded in the concept of wabi sabi - the Japanese aesthetic that can be described as imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete - they make beautiful clothing for mindful consumers.

SLOW MOVEMENT | the apparel industry is the second highest polluting industry on the planet, second only to agriculture. The industry at all levels from global corporations to small boutique brands use manufacturing methods, which are devastating to our bodies and the environment.  Olderbrother is inspired by the slow movement—a movement that has impacted the way we produce and consume food.

Five pieces I find myself living in/transitioning throughout the week are:  Anti-Fit Sorona Tee, Anti-Fit OB Crew, Cleaner Cotton Tee, Bamboo Raglan Fleece (under the Jouer Coat).  All tucked into a pair of vintage Levi's 550's, some white classic vans, and I'm out the door.  Dreams do come true. 


photographed by Jamie Arrigo 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips