Some of us have ultra sensitive skin.  Some of us have ultra sensitive noses.  Others are deep purists and naturalists at heart.  Here is a round-up of the purest unscented favorites from one's local health mart. 

DR BRONNER'S BABY LIQUID SOAP | deeply cleansing and gentle enough for babies. 

 CRYSTAL LIQUID ROLL ON DEODORANT | I've used each variety of this line of roll-on deodorants.  They astonish me at how effective they are ("IF" your digestion is in alignment and you aren't producing much B.O.).  I swap between each scent (and scentless). 

SKIN CLEANSE | a comprehensible guid on how to detox your toxic skin regime, and transition into products that aren't cancer causing and won't disrupt your endocrine system.  

FACE CLEANSING BRUSH | with natural bristles to gentle exfoliate your face while you cleanse. 

ORGANIC LINEN WASHCLOTH | to gently exfoliate your body while you cleanse. 

SHEA BUTTER | the ultimate deeply hydrating skin butter.  I mix this with body oil for true winter moisture. 

DESERT ESSENCE ORGANIC FACE WASH | I discovered this six months ago, and use it religiously.  It works incredibly well with my skin.  Doesn't strip it, and leaves it feeling truly cleansed after.  

BADGER UNSCENTED BODY OIL | I've been a longtime lover of all things Badger.  This particular oil is comprised of:  jojoba, extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate, rosehip, and seabuckthorn.  I just don't know of a more antioxidant rich oil that covers all moisturizing and anti-aging needs that exists out there (for such a reasonable price).  And it's organic.  Done!

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips