Manifestation Guide


I’ve received requests to share a gift that only my closest clients, family, and friends have had the pleasure of experiencing - the process of guiding them through manifesting their deepest desires.  And so I open up these sessions to my whole community.  Not only to be of larger services, but also to truly empower my tribe into operating at the same vibrational frequency as that you are trying to materialize. 

As we wrap up this year, we are sitting at a very powerful threshold - the end of an old chapter with the potent opening and opportunities of this new one.  Some people like to set New Years resolutions to harness this energetic space.  I personally believe (and constantly witness) that this is the ideal time to plant the seeds of what we wish to materialize in this coming year.

Many have tried the process of manifestation with no avail, which can be incredibly frustrating and discouraging.  I assure you that it's one of the most empowering and exciting tools once aligned correctly.  Unsuccessful attempts are usually due to deeply rooted blocks and emotionally limiting beliefs that stand between one and exactly what they are seeking.  This is where I step in.  

During this three-part session, I guide you through the process of going deep into your subconscious and uncovering the root of your blocks, limiting thoughts, lack, and low self-worth.  Through the exploration of old beliefs, we focus on bringing healing and alternative new truths to them.  That parlays into finding micro-clarity around the subject you are looking to call in.  And we finish with a daily technique and tools, specific to you, to keep you in vibrational alignment with your manifested subject.

A tangible gift is a thing of beauty, but a shift in consciousness and alignment with what you are seeking is a gift that continues to give.  Feel free to experience this service personally, or give to someone.  Let's take control of this next year, and create the exact reality that we want to be living. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips