The Raw Juicery

Has everyone been waiting for the day when maitake mushrooms and two times the amount of turmeric marry to create a juice?  Well, The Raw Juicery has answered your prayers with exhilarating formulas that are PERFECTLY palatably rounded out. 

Founded by two incredibly passionate gentlemen with the “belief that raw, natural foods are the key to well-being, and allow us to live life at our maximum potential,” The raw Juicery is an extremely exciting newer juice company on the scene.  A few formulas that I'm absolutely obsessed with:

-G3LIVE | Kale, Spinach, Romaine, Cucumber, Celery, E3Live

-CLEANUP | activated charcoal, coconut nectar, lemon, filtered H20

-GROUNDWORK | beet, kale, watercress, carrot, cucumber, lemon, spirulina, Himalayan pink salt

-MASTER CLEANSE 2.0 | pineapple, filterd H20, lemon, Dandelion, Miatake, 2x Turmeric, Cayenne

-MEXICOCOA | almond, walnut, cacao nibs, cinnamon, dates, Himalayan pink salt, filter H20, vanilla, cayenne

Now that we are in the THICK of holiday gluttony and liver congesting sweets / alcohol, this is the perfect Juicery to maintain alkalinity and cleansing while we indulge.  And I certainly recommend their unique, creative formulas, and medicinal juices for your January cleanse jump-start in the New Year with cleanses that range from: “The Skinny”, “The Immunity”,  “The Essential” and “The Reboot”.

Available for delivery, or you can pick them up at a couple of my favorite spots LAMILL COFFEE, Urban Radish, and Zinc Café

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