The Vibrational Stocking Gift Guide


It's rare to have a "Santa" in our family that has a keen sense of what the wellness maven might be hoping for in their stocking.  I still wake up to find Reese's and Starbucks gift cards in mine (which is loving and from the heart so I hardly pipe up).  This year, I've put together a guide that shouts high vibrations, personal growth, alkalinity, glowing skin, and calling in exactly what we are seeking in life.  

DETOX MARKET BEST OF GREEN BEAUTY BOX | this is truly a curation of 2015's best green beauty products.  I love/ use every single item daily.  It's rare that you get your favorite everything in one box. 

AYURVEDIC COPPER WATER BOTTLE | naturally anti-bacterial, mineral infusing, as well as liver and kidney supporting.  This is the ideal water bottle by design standards and medicinal purposes.  Leave water in overnight for a naturally purified water with multiple healthy functions.  Extended wisdom by Ashley Neese here

FOUR SIGMA REISHI COCO | a chill out, beautifying, liver cleansing tasty coco to sip all the way into the New Year. 

BREATHWORK & HEALING CIRCLES | a gift that breaks up energy and emotional blocks while healing one's limiting thoughts is a profound one.  Ashley Neese's Breathwork Circle is certainly on my Wishlist this year. 

MOON JUICE CLEANSE | Is there a better gift for Santa to leave under the tree than that of a medicinal juice cleanse?  

GEM + REMEDY METAPHYSICAL BOX | these are the ultimate vibrationally curated gift boxes comprised of tinctures, crystals and more.  Each box supports a different metaphysical need:  healing, intuiting, spirit-lifting, stress-relieving and meditating. 

J.M. GENERALS x AYLA BEAUTY | have teamed up to bring quite possibly the worlds best smelling aromatherapy hand soap that builds confidence and reduces stress.  And it's ultra moisturizing during this drying time. 

ZENBUNNI INCENSE | sourced from organic farmers that grow herbs & spice, these handcrafted wands certainly shift a room's energy and intentions. 

MONK OIL POTION NO. 2 | conjured under the full and new moon, No. 2 is just as potent and energetically shifting as the first, but carries a more feminine and subtle scent.  Not only does it uplift and offer a sense of wellbeing, but it also doubles as a stunning rose perfume. 

MANIFESTATION GUIDE | as we venture into the New Year, this is the perfect gift for yourself or another to uncover the root of blocks, lack, and low self-worth preventing you from calling in what is already yours by divine right.  Getting the tools to bring it forth is always at the top of my list. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips