to-be-magnetic-bush-hat-Lacy Phillips

Three years ago today I was miserably working in an incredibly toxic faculty environment.  Between two hours of commuting a day, consuming anything refined and sugary I could get my hands on (to fill fleeting emotional solitude), and walking on eggshells between the hours of eight a.m. to four p.m., massive adrenal fatigue was the least of my misery.  The little self-assurance, self-worth, and confidence inside me was shrinking by the day—all because I was hinging my happiness on “security,” “a respectable career,” and the ultimate illusion of all, “fear”.

That February, I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday in Big Sur.  Incredibly divine insight came over me during that trip tapping me into a “knowing” I hadn’t fully realized until them.  And I was ultimately gifted connection with source energy as well as the message to put all power back into myself – as I am the creator of my future.  And so I started a very specific daily regimen to align myself with all that I wanted my life to be.

When June of that year rolled around, I made the decision to live 100% in trust of the Universe.  I quit my job and aloud announced, “Universe, I will never work for another again.  From here on out I will only follow my passions and work for myself.  I will never ever let anyone make me feel the way I did this year. I will, and can, have anything I desire.  I’ve jumped.  Show me what you have for me.”  I made my list, carved out a very specific manifestation regime to keep me energetically aligned with my desires, I worked through some VERY limiting beliefs and blocks, then I created this journal one month later.  It’s miraculous watching my dreams come alive daily. And this has become true in all facets of my life.  I literally live fearlessly on sunshine and trust. 

So today, exactly ten days before the New Year, I give you permission.  I give you permission to shine in your exact truth.  I give you permission to receive absolutely everything you desire and dream of in life.  And I’m here to dismiss surface level limiting beliefs that keep you from attaining everything you deserve by divine right.

You do NOT need an education to be successful

You do NOT need to come from a wealthy or charmed life to be worthy of those elements

You do NOT need an incredibly loving family to form your very own

You ARE worthy of the love you seek (with another and with yourself)

Your dreams ARE already realized; they are just waiting for you to align with them

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips