Fermented Superfoods Workshop | Communal

I am over the moon to announce my March 8th FERMENTED SUPERFOODS WORKSHOP that I'll be teaching at the ever so inspiring Communal.  It’s truly an honor to open up this usually private one-on-one class to local souls that are inspired to take their health to much deeper and medicinal levels. 

WORKSHOP | Fermented foods are some of the most medicinal, beautifying, empowering, and oldest forms of nourishment one can gift themselves.  Every traditional culture consumed some form of a fermented substance with each meal to aid in digestion and absorb more nutrients from their food—the Japanese with their natto & miso, the Latins with their raw dairy, to the Eastern Europeans with their sauerkraut.  In this workshop, you will learn the basics of lacto-fermentation to enhance the nutrient, mineral and probiotic content of superfoods, vegetables, and herbs.  We’ll also touch on how to craft NATIVE specifically formulated recipes to medicinally target certain goals such as: boosting your immunity to its highest level, combating acne, cleansing your liver, assisting in balancing your hormones, anti-aging, balancing gut bacteria, and aiding in digestion.

DETAILS | Date: March, 8th 2015

Time: 2:00 to 5:00pm

Price:  75,00

Capacity: 16 people

Where: Communal 

688 S. Santa Fe Ave #104

TICKETS | click here.

Beyond excited to meet you! 

Photographed by Jamie Arrigo