I can’t get enough of these flirtatious 75-and-above seemingly summer days that we’ve been gifted in LA lately.  They’ve been warming my soul, inspiring incredible organization, blossoming deep spirit connection in the desert evenings, and telling me to clear my schedule to bask at the healing beach all day.  So until we drift back into the low sixties, here is my perfect beach day inspired list. 

ERES BATHING ATTIRE | because View From The Topp is always raving about these classic suits.  And she knows best in way of styling. 

COYUCHI TOWEL | because I was gifted the yellow one two years ago by Ryan's beautiful mom and nothing compares in way of beach throws/towels since. 

PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE BOOK | this was one of my most cherished birthday gifts and if I could, I'd lock myself in a room for a week to dive deep into it. 

ILLESTEVA SUNNIES | because I've been wanting these for a year, and once I saw that Whatever A Moon Has Meant was also coveting them, I knew they were extra legit.

HIBISCUS PETAL LEMONADE | has anything ever looked more beach worthy and refreshing?  I think not. 

RANGER HAT | because this company owns my heart in way of all chapeau purposes. 

FRENCH BASKET | old habits die hard.  Don't fix it if it's not broken.  And any other saying that reflects this sentiment. 

NINE NATURALS SPF | because this is the purist, cleanest, and most gentle sunblock I've ever tried.  Made for mamas-to-be and anyone else trying to avoid chemicals. 

PAW PAW OINTMENT | medicinal magic fruit ointment incredible for:  sunburns, scrapes, thorns, surf rashes, and anything else that could go fuzzy on a beach day.