Lymphatic Stimulation

Dry Body Brush Lymphatic System

Lymphatic stimulation, cleansing, and drainage are apart of my everyday life.  I credit this, and implementing fermented vegetables daily, as to why I went from getting sick every 1-2 months to every 1-2 years.  As we know, the lymph system doesn’t have its own pump, so we are responsible for getting it moving to remove toxicity. 

My favorite lymph-centered habits, in review. 

HEADSTAND | this is my quickest method to get the flow moving to my heart.  Whenever I’m in a quick morning pinch, I’ll fold my towel up four times and use it as a head pad.  Then I’ll perform a headstand against the door for 120 seconds.

DRY BODY BRUSHING | a true daily practice.  

EXERCISE | from jogging and jumping to yoga, this certainly gets everything moving.

HERBS | I love nettles for stimulating the lymph system and boosting immunity. Seaweed to help improve water metabolism and clean the lymph system.  Red clover and burdock root for moving and purifying.

JADE ROLLING | for facial lymphatic drainage. And this face lymph massage