Solar & Lunar Flower Infusion

Yesterday, as I prepped for a monthly New Moon gathering founded by the most beautiful Ladies Stefani Padilla and Kari Jansen, I wanted to prepare a very nourishing and high vibrational solar & dark lunar flower infusion.

I specifically chose red clover flower to deeply nourish an incredible group of ladies from deep mineralization and vitamins to lymphatic flow.  I also chose one cinnamon bark for blood circulation to the heart and mental clarity, as well as a citrine crystal to anchor the second New Moon in Aquarius-Pisces energy so that we could set our intentions, ground them, and step into the success of those manifestations.

Half solar and half dark moon lunar infusing was the recipe I chose to awaken the feminine mystic.  This allowed the glass infusion to sit under the vibrant sun for two hours at the point of the actual New Moon and under the dark moon for two hours to capture the potency of both.

The tea turned out beyond, and infusions make for a much more medicinal version of water due to the extraction of water soluble, bio-available vitamins and minerals. Potency is an understatement. 

For information on very specific herbal infusion methods, customizing targeted recipes, and various preparations, stay tuned as I'll be announcing some workshops quite soon.