Vintner's Daughter

This oil has become one of my most cherished moisturizing staples.  So much so that Ryan isn’t even allowed to use it—ever.  I was going through an incredibly dry skin spell when this oil came into my life.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, and all my skin issues quickly faded away.

I rely on Vintner's Daughter morning and evening by adding three drops to my shea butter, rub until the shea is warm and melted, and then massage my face to get the lymphatic drainage moving.  In the evenings, I roll it with my jade roller to really sink in all oof its medicinal benefits so that I wake up with ultra smooth and a glowing skin.

Without further introduction, I introduce April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner's Daughter, to give her insight on this epic oil along with a few of her own tips and wisdom. 


WHAT INSPIRED THIS MAGICAL OIL | A lifetime fighting with my hormonal skin and my first pregnancy were inspirations for our serum, but it is the magic of fine winemaking that led to the actual formulation of our serum.

BEST USES | AM and PM to balance and heal lackluster or hormonal skin. For a night out, add a couple drops to my BB cream for that camera-read, glow-y skin.

APPLY IT | Push // Press Method (pictured above)

MEDICINAL POWERHOUSE INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS | There are 22 active ingredients in our formulation and each ingredient enhances the other to achieve multi-correctional results. Borrowed from fine winemaking, our unique formulation process deeply infuses every drop of our serum with powerful whole botanicals.  As a result, Active Botanical Serum teems with skin-healing phyto-nutrients, collagen building phyto-ceremides, wrinkle-preventing anti-oxidants and nourishing vitamins and minerals.

THE RESULTS | Luminous more youthful skin with increased elasticity and clarity.

PERFECT FOR WHAT SKIN TYPES | Benefits all skin types but mature, hormonal and acne prone skin will especially see results.

UNIQUE FACTS | Our Phyto Radiance Infusion, the backbone of our formula, and why our serum is so powerful is actually borrowed from fine winemaking. Instead of using extracts, we begin with the whole plant and apply a fine winemaking technique called extended maceration. This 8 week long process achieves a potency that we could not achieve using off the shelf extracts. It is time-consuming and expensive, but the final result is worth it. 

DIET PHILOSOPHY | Above all whole foods that are organic and seasonal. Also, I don’t eat gluten, cow dairy or after 7 pm if I can help it.

HEALTH GURUS | My own body is my biggest guru. I do my best to listen and respect what it is telling me. When I listen carefully, it never fails me.

MY PASSIONS | Other than my family and business, I’m passionate about art and design. I seek out creativity and beauty wherever I can.  I am also deeply passionate about woman’s rights. I am thrilled to give 2% of every Vintners Daughter purchase to V Day, a charity working to end violence against woman.

I GROUND MYSELF BY | Daily meditation. Being present with my husband and two little girls. Spending time with my girlfriends.

MOVEMENT & FITNESS IS | Hiking in the Napa and Marin hills, Cycling, Pilates Pro Works and chasing after two little girls.

BOOK I’M READING | I’m on book three of Elena Ferrante’s fascinating trilogy. I am loving it. I’m also re-reading Creative Visualization and The Artful Parent.

MY HOLISITC STAPLES | vintner’s daughter active botanical serum, raw coconut butter, green juice, bone broth, seaweed, ashwagandha. I’ve been experimenting with adaptogens in my skincare and I cant wait to try the Hyaluronic Acid supplements that Dara from Ayla Beauty is bringing in from Paris.

NON-NEGOTIABLE FOR HEALTH | Sleep, green juice, non-toxic beauty, sunshine, playtime, me-time.

Vintner's Daughter available at Ayla Beauty