Purse Teas

free-and-native-Moon Juice Sun Potion Organic India Earth Angel Donna Chai tea

The wise father of an ex-boyfriend would say, “Always carry a book in your bag, for you never know when you’ll have some downtime.” I’ve held these words dear, and implemented this great piece of advice with much appreciation for the odd ten minutes I arrive early to meetings or the (shhh.. don’t tell) bumper to bumper traffic book reading I’ve been know to do while driving with my knee.

I’ve also extended this token rule to teas.  I call them purse teas.  Some women have various lipsticks in rotation at all times in their purse, and though I have those too, I also rotate various herbs and teas, for various times of the day, week, month and so on. 

And when I find myself at that meeting or happy hour where I don’t really feel like a drink, I’ll simply order a pot of hot water, and relish in my medicine of choice—or need.

Here is my favorite line-up of purse teas (and herb), at the moment, for all on-the-go purposes.

MOON JUICE BRAIN DUST | because something about the combination of astragulus, rhodiola, and eleuthero really keep my stress levels at bay, my brain sharp, and my happy spirits super high. On-the-go, I’ll add one teaspoon to warm water and I’m good to go as it's already perfectly, zero-glycemically sweetened.

SUN POTION POLYRACHIS ANT | my absolute obsession at the moment! Especially in the a.m. for potent energy all day, super immune boosting capabilities with its massive zinc levels, its ability to tonify the kidney, liver, lung, and spleen, and its rejuvenating/ anti-aging properties.  On-the-go, I add one teaspoon to a shot of water and shoot it.  Or if there is the option for a small bit of honey nearby, then I’ll add one teaspoon to warm water with a pinch of honey and sip peacefully. 

ORGANIC INDIA TULSI MORINGA | during my travels to Colombia last year, I absolutely fell in love with the plant Moringa.  As such a nourishing plant, and heavily rich in wonderful vitamins and minerals, along with tulsi’s unbelievable adaptogenic properties, this makes for the perfect last meeting of the day tea.  On-the-go, I’ll steep a bag for 20 minutes in a hot pot and enjoy the cups of tea to follow.  Nourishing and stress reducing.

EARTH MAMA MONTHLY COMFORT TEA | I have seriously grown so fond of this company, their quality, ethics, and how potently this tea infuses.  When I’m home, I opt to use my own custom tea blends that I personally make, but when I’m out and about this is my daily tea those two weeks leading up to my cycle. Especially when dealing with hormonal issues (PMS).  Not only does this tea seriously help to curb bloating, cramps, and mood swings, but its rich nourishment from Alfalfa, nettles, raspberry leaf, and lady mantle make this a SUPER vitamin and mineral packed tea.  My hair and nails grow so rapidly and strong when I’m drinking this stuff daily.  Especially 2-3 cups throughout the day.  So when I’m on-the-go, I’ll pull this tea out at a meeting or client’s house and steep for 20 minutes to enjoy throughout the meeting.

SUN POTION PRASH | this is a true Godsend.  And though it’s common in most homes in India, I can’t thank Sun Potion enough for bottling a true daily necessity for all of us to enjoy at our leisure here in our fast paced Los Angeles lives. As an Ayurvedic medicinal staple, this combination of my absolute favorite herbs, ghee, and wild honey not only tastes like caramel but keeps me buzzing like a bee all day. It curbs my stress, bad moods, energy slopes, and so much more.  And it makes for the perfect tea replacement when warm water simply isn’t and option.  Seriously, when I’m stuck in traffic without a spoon in sight, I’ll simply dip my finger in and place it under my tongue to reach a state of perfection! Ideal anytime, but especially in-between meetings.

DONA CHAI | for all the coffee lovers out there that have had this boom in fancy craft concentrated cold brews, I finally don’t have to be jealous of you anymore! FINALLY this small company out of Brooklyn has answered our non-coffee drinkering prayers. 

A luxurious, quality concentrated chai to enjoy at our leisure anywhere, anytime.  And it really does stretch to last quite a few cups of chai.  A true, true gift!

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