Market Bag

I couldn’t be more proud of the well-enforced, progressive law that bans single use plastic bags and requires Los Angeles to charge 10c per each carryout paper bag.  This was something that I had experienced in Santa Cruz, and thought it to be a true foot in the right direction regarding the environment.  

When this became the norm in LA last year, things got a bit scrappy each time I forgot to bring my own bag to the store—which turned into my large tote becoming my daily market bag.  It always felt a bit more in place and chic rather than the reusable canvas ones silently hanging around in my pantry.  Here are my favorites the daily market bags:

THE NET BAG | because these truly are the most convenient when carrying larger items that won’t slip through the net.

THE TRANSPORT TOTE | because this goes with everything and houses anything from my computer to garlic and fennel on-the-go.

BAGGU LEATHER SLOUCH | I’ve always loved everything this company makes.  Down to my favorite curved makeup pouch until parting with it in the Silver Lake meadow after picnicking with a couple glasses of wine on board.

THE FRENCH MARCHÉ BASKET | I don’t enter a farmers’ market without it.  It’s terribly loved weekly right down to the last little fraying bit.

JUNES MESH | this sweet bag is an unbelievably convenient one to leave in the car for any last minute market pop-ins.  And it has the best little pocket to store your keys and wallet so you can leave your purse in the car.

LINEN BREAD BAGS | to keep bread fresh, and to house any little loose produce. 

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