It’s that time of year—treats, treats, and more treats!  Before succumbing to the commercial consumerism of chemical, artificial ingredient filled chocolates, why not gift your friends, kids, lovers and self some mega medicinal, superfood, raw chocolate instead?  Case and point below:

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH | an aphrodisiac that boosts your energy and feeds your brain while supplying you with copious amounts of plant protein.  I think I ate one of these a day for the whole month of June last summer.  OBSESSED.

RAW CACAO NIBS OR POWDER | to toss into your smoothies or homemade raw treats for some serious delectable anti-aging benefits!

ZENBUNNI & SHIVA ROSE BIODYNAMIC CHOCOLATE | because these two forces couldn’t have created more of a magical heart opening and mood elevating treat.

GREAT BEAN LOVE | because not only does this have three aphrodisiac ingredients but it also supplies a powerful blend of hormone balancing herbs while tasting like a piece of heaven.

SWEETNESS MINT CHOCOLATE | this lovingly hand-blended Venice chocolate adds the extra boost of mucuna pruriens to take your happiness vibes through the roof.

GOLDEN BERRY TRUFFLES | super low-glycemic and a powerhouse of superfood, this is your perfect go-to when you’re trying to keep the sugar high low but the benefits high!

MAGICAL MACA | this is the ultimate raw chocolate experience.  It also aids in balancing your hormones rounded out with a butterscotch flavor.   

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips