Stefani Padilla | La Tierra Sagrada

I could sit with this divine being for hours on end talking about wellness as I always learn something new from her with each visit.  And all this incredible energy lovingly seeps into each of her products—which I live by.  I can’t say enough about her ultra-pure and medicinal line, La Tierra Sagrada.  There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t use The Treatment, Jojoba oil, and now that it is summery, the Salt Spray.  Meet this beacon of knowledge, Stefani Padilla. 

I grew up in a small farm town in Arizona. Health wasn't at the forefront of our awareness back in those parts. My personal drive for learning and discovery led me to California at age 18. I started to wake up a bit back then, and this is when the consciousness about what I put into my body started to take precedence.

When I was 22, I moved to NYC. It wasn't the most health forward city, but my life took a massive shift once one of my friends took me to a ceremony, where I was first introduced to Mother Ayahuasca. This powerful healing plant not only creates intense and spiritual transformations, it is enlightening on every level of existence. I like to say “it helps take the blindfold off”. All living things have spirit, whether it be an animal, insect, or plant. I learned that with each spirit, we as a whole should learn to honor and show respect and awe. In the years I worked with the plant in sacred ceremony, I became more and more conscious of the energy of all things living. I started to accept the responsibility of everything in my life, most importantly, besides walking a path of truth, was what I consumed internally and externally. The more I worked with plant medicine, the more my life started to organically shift into a holistic routine.

I continued my process with Ayahuasca for 7 years. After my trip to the Amazon Jungle at the end of 2013, I was directed to shift my work with the the plant. At this point in my life, I no longer ingest the sacred brew. Because she is always with me, I still have all the teachings she shared for all of those years. The teachings still come clear and bright in all of my meditations. My responsibility now, is to integrate and share the Light and wisdom of the plants in a different form.

It was in ceremony where I birthed the idea of my holistic hair care line, LA TIERRA SAGRADA (The Sacred Earth). The information was downloaded and I listened, created, and within a year, launched the line on behalf of Ayahuasca, to share the wisdom, protection and healing benefits in another form than ingesting. We are living in a powerful time, where the entire planet is shifting. People are opening up more and more each day. With opening, it is extremely important to learn how to protect ourselves. The spirit of the plant informed me to share the essence of her in each product so that as we walk around, opening up, we have her protection always.

My lifestyle is simple, clear and takes a very holistic approach. I choose the most nutrient rich, wholesome, natural/organic foods, medicines, products, etc. When I am not doing hair on set, in the salon, or in the studio making products, I am usually out in nature, hiking, running, enjoying the trees and plants that surround us here in California.

My daily routine includes burning palo santo, morning meditation, followed by my favorite morning brew of Sun Potion's Anandamide. I always dry brush before showering and use Flora Apothecary's Gardener Soap as well as the Deva Exfoliating Body Polish. Then, as a face serum, I use Poppy and Someday's Neroli Blossm Serum, followed by the Gypsy Rose Toner Spray.

I hardly style my hair; I’m more of a wash and wear kinda person. I use LA TIERRA SAGRADA JOJOBA OIL on my ends to add extra moisture to my curls, and the LA TIERRA SAGRADA SALT SPRAY to add a beach like texture. Once a week I use LA TIERRA SAGRADA TREATEMENT as a leave in. I sleep in it every Sunday night. I do use the Treatment as a moisturizer everyday though; the coconut oil base is great for the skin! My new favorite item that has been added to my daily regimen that I want to share with the WORLD is the Ascended Health Active Detox and ProAlive Probiotic Drops. This company creates natural, organic body regeneration products that are imprinted with healing vibrational frequency from Lemurian Quartz Crystals. POWERFUL and worth checking out!

Photographed by Jamie Arrigo in Stefani's Laurel Canyon home, January 2014