NATIVE Seasonal Allergy Remedies



Growing up on a Ranch outside Yosemite meant that this time every year—all the way into summer—red eyes, sneezing, itchy throat, and the general feeling of wanting to cut my nose off was the norm. It seized a bit when I first moved to LA and lived in Venice.  Somehow being by the water kept hay fever at bay.  But as soon as I ventured east, they surfaced every single spring. Once I met Ryan, another allergy suffering comrade, and watched him suffer even worse than I, I began to give over to the notion that we were just sensitive allergen prone people.

Then the most freakish, beautiful, accident happened. Before I really started diving into my herbal and nutrition studies, I had already implemented a very probiotic rich diet—namely two tablespoons of fermented vegetables with every meal—which also of course meant that Ryan (as my Guiney pig) did the same. We realized that a whole year had gone by, and we hadn’t suffered from one seasonal, hay fever sniffle. My dad, also another allergy mess had also begun incorporating copious amounts of probiotics into his lifestyle and equally noticed that he hadn’t suffered from any allergies for over a year.

Then of course, after getting into my work, the information all unfolded itself later.  Here are my top three tips to eliminate seasonal allergies. 

PROBIOTICS | because 90% of our immunity resides in our gut, and allergies are the result of an imbalance in the immune system that causes the body to strongly react to an antibody in your blood—stimulating the release of histamine (a neurotransmitter that causes runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing fits), lactobacillus strongly lowers the levels of IgE (hay fever). A balanced digestive system prevents the immune system from overreacting to pollen and other allergies.

Fermented foods are an absolute must of mine.  Not one client of mine skimps away without consuming them daily—for so many reasons!

NETTLE LEAF | is a natural antihistamine that blocks the body’s ability to produce histamine. I infuse this herb with my other blends daily for so many of its copious benefits. It is especially potent for allergies. For those that aren’t too into teas, capsules are wonderful to consume during allergy season.

RAW LOCAL HONEY | this is age-old folklore that has been around since the beginning of healing.  Consuming raw honey from hives as close to where you live as possible is ideal for exposing the immune system to local pollen, which allows your body to adapt to allergens in the environment and build up tolerance. 1 tablespoon a day is the original allergy shot. 

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