Hibiscus Rose & Aloe Tonic

HIBISCUS ROSE & ALOE | A spring skin & colon-rejuvenating tonic recipe.

As we find our bodies warming up with the weather, winter begins clearing for the renewal of spring. This is when I move away from the heavier, denser herbal tonics to the lighter, rejuvenating, balancing, and cleansing ones. This week’s NATIVE menu featured a system calming, skin & colon-rejuvenating tonic.


2 tablespoons hibiscus petals

2 cups of water

¼ tsp maca

1 tablespoon aloe juice

1 teaspoon Bulgarian rose water

1 teaspoon raw local honey

PROCESS | bring water to a boil. Pour over hibiscus flowers and steep for 20 minutes. Add your pot of hibiscus tea to a blender. Once temperature has cooled to warm (not scolding hot), add your following ingredients. Blend for 20 seconds. Enjoy warm during cooler temperatures or room temperature during hotter temperatures.

BENEFITS | vitamin C rich | fluid balancing | beauty tonic | colon cleansing | libido boosting | calming | antioxidant rich

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