BODY REGIME | Here are my daily body can't-live-withouts.

My daily body regime is incredibly simple, steadfast, and pure. Here are my body can't-live-withouts. 

DR BRONNER'S ALMOND SOAP | this is our daily soap that I love for it’s gentle smell and total pureness. I also use the bar soap for shaving.

DRY BODY BRUSH | this is used daily before bathing, without fail, for lymphatic stimulation and flow to help rid impurities and toxic waste from the body.

C.O. BIGELOW MUSK OIL | though I sometimes shift my scent to fancier oils, this has been my longest standing scent that I always revert back to.  I place it on my wrists, neck, armpits, and by my belly button, for it smells incredibly intoxicating when the body warms up and emits it stronger.

SOAPWALLA DEODORANT | I love this ultra pure deodorant. And I often rotate between this and Crystal Essence. Soapwalla is ideal for stronger coverage during warmer months, while Crystal essence works really cleanly during cooler months.

JIVA-APOHA | I swap between Mukti, 1967, and Baby-Jiva pending on what season it is. I’m obsessed with all three.

SUN POTION SHEA BUTTER | this serves as my daily body moisturizer. I put a dime size in my palm with three squirts of the Jiva-Apoha oil, rub in my hands until the shea is melted and then apply to body while it is still slightly damp after the shower.  This combination truly locks in the moisture and keeps my skin glowing with the most medicinal combo.  They literally feed my skin! I couldn’t live without Sun Potion and Jiva! 

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