The Village

In most native cultures, following the birth of a baby there would be forty days that mom and babe wouldn't leave the house, and the village would tend to them while the two focused on healing, building up immunity, resting, replenishing, and most importantly bonding.  This village was usually the women—aunts, sisters, grandmothers, friends, and their own mothers. And their tasks would vary from: light housework, preparing nourishing meals (with trauma healing ingredients, protein, copious fats, and probiotic rich food), preparing mom's sitz baths, teas, looking after babe while mom rests, and absolutely anything else that was needed.

As society modernizes and we grow further and further away from The Village mentality, such important thresholds fall short when it comes to support that is absolutely needed when it is needed most.

Yesterday, Jamie—with strength and vigor—brought her perfect Wallace into the world. And before he was birthed, Jamie’s incredibly powerful and inspiring circle of women and I created what was coined The Village.  We each were assigned a day of the week for forty days that we’d check in with Mom to see if we could come by to perform these ancient and very special tasks. I couldn’t be more honored to be surrounded by so many women, collecting their strength to build even more power and strength for another woman who deserves it beyond measure.

So as I begin The Village tomorrow, I write this as an offering to inspire each and every one of your own unique and beautiful villages.  For such support is ideal in various circumstances in the circle of life—a surgery, a passing, looking after the elders, even something as fragile as heartbreak—connected support is priceless.  And community truly is everything.

A special thanks to this village | Jamie Arrigo | LuLu Brud | Kelsey Collins | Laura Lombardi | misi Lecube | Liz Mahlow | Viveca Kindsvatter

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