Current Nightstand Reads


I don’t think I have ever met another human as freakishly obsessed with all things human body, psychology, wellness, and matters of finance & business—as much as me.  Here is the current lineup on my nightstand.

ISHMAEL | after visiting my dear friend Christine Della Cioppa yesterday, she urged that I read this at once to shift perspective of why we are on this planet.  And because I’m constantly learning from her, herbally and spiritually, anything she recommends is worth my time.

HEALING WITH THE HERBS OF LIFE | this is such a powerful guide that would serve anyone’s home interested in having a general overview of the people’s medicine—herbs—and their magical functions.

GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT | another of Christine’s recommendations. And something to appease my curiosity regarding human relationships and psychology.

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF AYURVEDIC HOME REMEDIES | another absolute house hold gems for anyone curious about a great overview of all things Ayurveda.

THE HORMONE CURE | because I’ve been obsessed with Dr. Sara Gottfried for a while now, with the intention of digging deeper into hormone and adrenal imbalance and holistic solutions.  And since she is serving as the guest editor of The Chalkboard this month, it was the perfect push to run out and buy this book!

MONEY MASTER THE GAME | after lining up all advice from Smart Women Finish Rich, this is the perfect read to put investing into action.  And all proceeds go to an amazing cause. 

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