Miso Seaweed Bone Broth

Most of you know how much I love incorporating Bone Broth into the Native kitchen and my own personal daily-weekly snacks. I have a few clients that don’t mind drinking bone broth directly like a cup of tea, but for the couple that find it to be a bit bland, I turn it into a miso broth for them so that it becomes much more palatable and familiar.  This also adds the extra punch of wonderful probiotics from the miso, and extra nourishment from the seaweed.


2 cups and 1 tablespoon bone broth | find recipe here

4-5 pieces of seaweed of choice | preferably one that is checked often for no radiation exposure.

1 tsp organic miso

1 green onion | sliced thinly

PROCESS | ladle 1 tablespoon of broth into a small bowl and your 1 teaspoon of miso (caution to let broth cool a little so as to not kill the good bacteria in the miso).  Whisk together until miso has broken down into the broth and no chunks remain. Now ladle in 2 cups of broth into your bowl, followed by your miso (again make sure that broth has reached a comfortably warm temperature to protect probiotics), onions and seaweed.  Drink and enjoy!

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