A lesson in bathing well | Portland General Store

One of my absolute favorite indulgences is the at-home spa and bathing experience. I know many people that take baths, but I’m yet to meet tons that slow down, light a beeswax candle, and truly indulge in the ritual of bathing. Once I was introduced to the perfectly curated Bathe Well kit by Portland General Store, I had to have owner, Lisa Brodar share her tips on the art of bathing well, why she created this kit, and a few little wellness bonuses to attempt before and during the bath.

From her beautiful farm in Maine, Lisa shares with us the ins and outs of her bathing ritual.  


THE FIRST THING I DO UPON WAKING | Boil water and grind Tandem coffee beans; feed the brood; eat a local pastry while scanning favorite websites such as Granny Miller, Mother Earth Living, and The Jealous Curator (because I love art).

FOOD PHILOSOPHY | I avoid labels. I believe in a whole foods diet and eating as much local food as possible. If dining out and I don’t know where an animal came from, I’ll choose vegetarian options.

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT MY | That’s easy. My kids. Next, my animals. I love my home, clothes, books, art, and things— but could live without all of those.

HOLISTIC STAPLES | Elderberry, echinacea, propolis, raw probiotics, vitamin c, wheatgrass, multi-vitamin


Limn Organic Face & Body Oil

Spring Organic Witch Hazel Toner (similar here)

Pearl Organic Cold Cream

Doe Organic Shampoo & Body Bar

Cloth by Fog Linen Works

Immortelle Beeswax Tea Light Candle

RITUALS BEFORE THE BATH | Doing a headstand. Headstands have many health benefits, including flushing nutrients and oxygen to the face, reversing the effects of gravity, and stimulating the pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

THE BOOK READ DURING THE BATH | Pollinators of Native Pants. I’m a big non-fiction reader, and spring is here.

ON MY PLAYLIST RIGHT NOW | My current obsession is Elizabeth Cotten and San Fermin

DURING THE BATH I DRINK | Ice cold, Binchōtan charcoal purified tap water with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

MEDICINAL BEAUTY SECRETS | Eating pesticide-free foods and vegetables rich in minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll, such as dandelion greens. I am growing a natural lawn and forage wild dandelion from our yard, and next year I hope to make syrup from elderberry.

AFTER THE BATH | I tone my face with PGS’ Sprig Toner, and moisturize my face and body with Limn, paying extra attention to areas that are more vulnerable to aging like the hands, forehead, under the eyes, and above the chest.


The Dalai Lama - who promotes emotional hygiene and believes “a happy mind is crucial to physical health”

Shiva Rae - such a positive energy, and her prenatal yoga videos kept me sane during my Pregnancies

Myself - I believe we all have our own, personal guru inside of us. If we listen to our bodies and intuition, we know what is best for ourselves. Nobody can truly tell us what path to take, diet to follow, or exercise to do.

WHY I CREATED THIS BATHE KIT | Women, including myself, love kits and sampling products. The Bathe Well Kit introduces women to our new skincare line at a more affordable price point. This is how I have discovered favorite products.

ADDED TIPS TO HIGHTEN THE BATHING EXPERIENCE | I like putting a few drops of Limn Oil into the bath for an added aromatherapy experience and for extra softening of the skin, or sea salts for muscle soreness. I also like dimming lights and burning a natural beeswax candle. 

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