Sprouted Mucuna Pancakes

I’ve never been one to be majorly into pancakes for breakfast, which is a shock because I’m obsessed with sweets.  I oddly crave really hearty nourishment in the morning.  Since Ryan has been doing a major overhaul on our upstairs which has resulted in a knee deep bathroom remodel for the past two weeks, I offered to make him a special Sunday brunch.  When asked what he’d like buttermilk pancakes like his grandpa used to make were in order.

I couldn’t rationalize making straight refined flour buttermilk pancakes so I had to throw a few switches in the mix for some extra nourishment. This resulted in pasture raised probiotic rich buttermilk, pasture raised raw butter, ancient sprouted flour, and a couple of medicinal herbs (mucuna & pine pollen). For one that doesn’t desire pancakes very much, I have to admit that these were totally beyond.


2 c sprouted flour of choice

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon high quality sea salt

3 tablespoons raw coconut sugar

2 organic pasture raised eggs | lightly beaten

3 cups pasture raised organic buttermilk

4 tablespoons raw butter | melted

¼ teaspoon Sun Potion mucuna

¼ teaspoon Sun Potion pine pollen

PROCESS | combined all your dry ingredients and whisk together to soften any clumps. Add liquid ingredients and whisk well until you have small medium lumps.  Heat pan or griddle to a low to high medium.  I use coconut oil here to coat the pan. Ladle ½ cups of batter in, and once the edges have started to crisp with little bubbles in the cake, it’s time to flip. Then enjoy! 

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