HERBAL Extracts

As the days have been growing warmer, I find my spring fever at an all-time high. A full day's work is weighted by the longing to hop in the car and head to Palm Springs for the week or take flight on a travel.  But now is the time, and busy is what I am, so here I’ll stay—for now.

One way I can find myself optimizing on the lackadaisical lazy tendencies that come with spring fever is by carrying herbal tinctures or extracts around with me when the three cups of my daily tea infusion just isn’t happening. And though I’ve been making many of my own tinctures as of late, when I run out of them or am waiting the weeks it takes for them to mature, I’ll often pick up a few tinctures to bop around with.  This makes getting the same properties I’d normally consume from a tea infusion more practical. I simply empty a dropper full three times a day in my water, juices, smoothies, shots, or sometimes a cocktail (insert that cute monkey with its hands over its mouth emoji).

Here are the six I’ve been carting around in my bag all over town.

NETTLE LEAF | because not a day goes by that I don’t consume some form of nettle (usually three times a day) for my allergies, deep mineralization, hair and nail strength, and to keep eczema at bay. It is my absolute favorite herb—especially for women.

DONG QUAI | to balance my estrogen levels, tonifying my blood (especially during and after my cycle), and to improve my circulation.

GOOD MOOD | for its incredibly self-explanatory title.

CHASTE TREE | I love the chasteberry (vitex), which I’ve been using to balance my estrogen to progesterone ratio.  This has provided incredible results in way of curbing most of my symptoms of PMS.  

THYROID LIFTER | again for its self-explanatory title.

LEMON BALM BLEND | this is a do not leave home without extract.  I can feel the hops and lemon balm working for me immediately when I’m a bit too wound up, ungrounded, or have a mild bout of anxiety.

NOTE | this is my very own customized line-up of extract for very specific reasons.  Though the Nettles, Good Mood, and Lemon Balm Blend are quite universal for everyone, I implore one to visit their naturopath to see exactly what herbs might service and support each individual's unique constitution.  Also, these are tinctures I can easily grab at any local health food store or on Amazon.  But a company I love tremendously when I can wait for the shipment is Wise Women Herbals, which was introduced to me by my naturopath Dr. Patti Kim

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