Natural Fragrance Bundles

Whenever I’ve been gifted some of the most cherished pieces I own from Ryan’s French Mother and Grandmother, it is always dancing in a fragrance of its own. From vintage linen to vintage garment pieces, nothing comes out of their armoires without the scent of fresh lavender or other spring favorites swirling through your senses. And because Jasmine is just taking over my yard and neighborhood right now, I couldn’t think of a timelier piece to share—natural fragrance bundles.


PROCESS | stroll around your block and yard to find the scent(s) you’d like to work with.  I walked out to smell a neighbor’s palo santo smoke drifting through the jasmine vines yesterday and thought to myself that I had never smelled a more divine combination.

Once you’ve found your herbs and flowers of choice, fetch a pair of scissors and string, or yarn. Simply gather the stems together and wrap your string around the stem bunch five or six times. Tie a knot at the base.  Then when you know where you’d like to hang your bundle, use your two loose ends to tie onto any base or hook.

SUGGEST SPOTS | my flower of choice is obviously Jasmine at the moment. Which is perfect for promoting happiness and deep sleep—as well as having one of the best scents known to man. So I’ve tied a bundle to the rearview mirror in my car, and I leave a bundle by my bed. The closet is also a favorite so that my clothes and undergarments smell fresh and floral.

TIP | I always promote using the whole plant.  And since they will already be tied and hung in the perfect positions for drying out the flower (or herb), do make sure to use the petals in tea blends, infusions, or simply to sprinkle inside of gifts you're wrapping, envelops you’re sending, or on top of baked goods to really blow your recipient's mind. 

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